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$20,000 + Required for Premium Account Investors
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Benefits for Aussie Premium Investors

eToro Australian Premium Investor Account holders enjoy all the below benefits, plus free access to our world-class Social Trading platform, OpenBook. Plus you get to enjoy the professional eToro WebTrader platfrom too. These work hand-in-hand to provide you with the consummate online trading experience.
Benefits and Requisites
Minimum account equity required
Demo & Practice
Premium-Quality Trading Tools
Premium Australian investors at eToro are privy to enjoy eSignals for free. This value-added service is worth $1500 annually.
Exclusively Yours: eToro Deposit Promos
As an eToro Premium investor, you're entitled to exclusive promos. These are sent to your e-mail account so be sure to check your inbox regularly.
VIP account services
Australian Premium Account holders have access to a Premium Account Manager, with personalised portfolio analysis. The manager will gladly assist you with all details pertaining to your Premium Investor Account.
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Free Practice Account
Aussie investors opening up an account at eToro will be able to enjoy a $10,000 practice account for free.
Complete Access to eCourses
Australian traders – experienced professionals and novices alike – welcome to enjoy the professional eCourses at eToro. They are geared to educate you in online trading.
Free Webinars
Improve performance as you learn the art of copy trading, courtesy of our fully comprehensive webinars.
Expert Trading News
Premium Oz investors will enjoy a $,1200 annual value Market News Service provided by Dow Jones.
To learn more about Premium Account Investor benefits, contact us »

eToro Premium Investor Account

Premium Account Benefits for Premium Investors

Premium-account holders at eToro don’t settle for less than the best. Now you
can enjoy the best trading tools, topnotch offers and a series of personalized
account management services.
Expert Trading Tools

Aussie investors - both day traders and Guru-inspired investors - are privy to a series of the finest trading tools at eToro including:

  • E-Signals: Valued at $1,500 for free. Enjoy premium-quality signaling for expert Aussie investors.
  • Dow Jones Professional Daily Market Review (DMR): Worth a whopping $1,200 annually - yours for free!
  • Trading Central's Professional Market Research Tools: Yours for free - and it's valud at $1,200!
  • Get your Daily Trading Signals delivered to your inbox by Trade Central
  • Access eToro's Trading Desk 24 hours a day, 6 days a week!
  • You can enjoy the benefits of the MT4 Professional Trading Platform upon request
Premium Account Services

All the benefits of a Premium Account Manager are yours to enjoy. Plus you can enjoy the added benefit of one-on-one personalized services including:

  • Open Position Analysis on Demand
  • Market Opportunities on Demand
  • Receive Monthly Portfolio Analysis via e-mail
  • Your Monthly Account Statement
  • Rapid Cashouts within 24 hours to your Payoneer Account
Enjoy Premium OpenBook Analysis

Explore OpenBook with these added features::

  • Weekly Analysis of the Social Trading Arena
  • Enjoy tailored assistance when searching for top traders in eToro's OpenBook community.
  • Make smarter Aussie trading decisions with eToro's triggered account notifications and telephone alerts.
Premium Promotions

eToro makes it easy for traders to score with top promos. Take a look at what's on offer:

Your Deposit Amount
New Investor Deposit Promo
Monthly Promo for Premium Investors
Refer-a-Friend Promo
$20, 000+
10% deposit bonus up to $10,000
10% deposit bonus up to $10,000*
$1,000 for every new Premium Investor you bring
* Monthly Premium Member Promotional Bonus requirements:
- Must deposit minimum of $1, 000
- Maximum bonus amount is $10, 000
- Bonus offer reoccurs at the beginning of each calendar month
eToro Premium Account holders
enjoy Exclusive Benefits via Mobile Trading Tools
Visit our Mobile Page for more Info »
How to Become a Premium Investor at eToro?
Aussie traders with Premium Investor Status are required to reach equity of $20,000 within any 90-day period
Account equity is defined as the total value of the user's account, including account balance, open positions (unrealized profits and losses) and unprocessed cashouts.
eToro calculates account equity as follows: total invested amount of trades +/- the unrealized profits/losses, + and unused balance + pending withdrawals.
Contact us to see if you qualify
Web Trader
How do I upgrade my account?
Aussie traders at eToro are required to reach the minimum $20,000 account equity as listed above. Account upgrades are automatically instituted at the beginning of each calendar month, as determined by your account equity over a 90-day period.
Can my account be downgraded?
Yes. If you have not met to the minimum $20,000 account equity within a 90 day period, your account will be automatically downgraded.
Can I upgrade my account during the month?
Yes. Recall that a minimum $20,000 in account equity in a 90-day period is required, failing which your account will automatically be downgraded.
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